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Letters to the Spectator

Just before Abbott’s fall, I renewed my subscription to The Spectator Australia after a long break. Needless to say the Spectator offers a different take on Australian politics than the major broadsheets. Last Sunday, whilst reading the 17 October issue (I appear … Continue reading

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Has Abbott’s media media strategy reached its use-by-date?

Are cracks appearing in the government’s strategy of silence? Criticism of the government’s tightly controlled media strategy built up considerably in the last week. There were reports of MPs pulling out of television appearances at the last minute and veteran journalists describing the … Continue reading

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Why Abbott can’t sack Don Randall

Even if he wanted to, there isn’t much Tony Abbott could do to Don Randall. The reason for this is because Australia’s political parties are state based. Indeed, it is regularly forgotten that Australia’s political parties are federated. And in … Continue reading

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