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Is this the end of the Abbott Prime Ministership?

So it has come to this. My interest in studying the Liberal Party all began one sleepy afternoon at the end of the political year in 2009. That day in parliament, the pollies gave their traditional end of year speeches. … Continue reading

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Early Modern ideas about Parliament’s origins

Originally posted on The History of Parliament:
Our series celebrating the anniversaries of Magna Carta and Simon de Montfort’s Parliament continues today. Dr Paul Cavill, Lecturer in Early Modern British History at Cambridge University discusses how the origins of Parliament…

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How party discipline shapes our political debate

We’ve been looking at some of the structural features in Australian politics that are impacting our polity’s ability to discuss ideas. Perhaps one of the most important, but under appreciated aspects is party discipline. It’s a factor that is regularly … Continue reading

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The end of reform?: lets think about some structural features

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about ‘the end of the reform era’. Here and here and are just two examples of a trend of late.  This isn’t a new debate, its been bubbling around for a few years now. For instance, Great Expectations, Triumph and … Continue reading

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Abbott’s pandora’s box of populism

Abbott has unleashed a pandora’s box of populism which, having wrecked havoc in Victoria and now Queensland, is threatening to unravel his prime ministership. But first, how did we find ourselves here? Let’s hear a little story about ourselves: Australia and … Continue reading

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Budget 2014: We learnt the wrong lessons from Fightback! (Part 1)

Budget 2014 is about more than broken promises or whether the Coalition has the right strategy to fix Australia’s long-term fiscal health. The Coalition’s much criticised creative treatment of the truth,  is the culmination of a long-term trend in Australian politics. A trend, exacerbated by both major parties, that … Continue reading

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Thanks Bob Carr for writing your diaries

Unpopular as it is to thank a politician — I know! — but here it is: Thanks Bob Carr for writing your diaries. There has, shall we say, been an awful lot of hubub, fizz, outrage, pseudo tearing of hair about Bob Carr’s diary. (Though to be … Continue reading

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